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Investment Strategy

Real Estate – Real Experience – Real Experts: Since 1984, PATRIZIA AG has been active as an investment manager on the real estate market and has entered many European markets.

In individual countries, we are there with local expert teams, who know the specifics of the markets. Our experts’ specialist knowledge also encompasses a very broad spectrum in terms of types of use and risk classifications. We are active in the residential, office, and retail trade sector, as well as in the sphere of care, hotel, and logistics real estate. We want to take advantage of opportunities and increase value – whether for Core, Core Plus, Value Add, or opportunistic real estate approaches.

  • Single Asset Deals

    With our specialists in individual countries and types of use, we have access to highly interesting single asset deals, which we structure for individual investors as well as for investor clubs.

    With assets such as the Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt, Madame Tussauds in London, and the Astro Tower in Brussels, PATRIZIA has made some of the largest transactions in Europe for our clients in the past few years.

  • Portfolio Transactions

    We positioned ourselves in the market for highly complex portfolio transactions very early on with our teams that specialise in transaction management and in the individual transaction types. We prevailed in highly competitive purchase processes with the SüDeWo, GBW,
    LEO I, LEO II and CLOUD 9 portfolio purchases.

    The SüDeWo portfolio was divested at a profit after a holding period of three years, for example. And the sale of the Traction portfolio constituted a highly successful vehicle independent portfolio transaction in challenging submarkets.

    Additionally, a high-quality retail portfolio encompassing a number of locations in northern Italy was acquired in 2017. The other portfolios remain under management and are developing in line with or well above the business plan expectations.

  • Fund and Separate Accounts

    Our experts control and manage 40 vehicles across a wide geographic spectrum and across a variety of types of use. We offer all services related to the investment: from acquisition, through asset and portfolio management, to sales through our own licensed investment platforms.

    In addition to German and Luxembourg vehicles, we are also active in other European countries. Our clients in these vehicles include German and international investors. We offer all current reporting tools, which are tested by insurance companies, retirement institutions, pension funds, savings banks, and cooperative banks.

  • Multi Manager Funds

    PATRIZIA Multi Managers (PMM and formerly known as Sparinvest Property Investors) is a dedicated team within PATRIZIA, specialising in manager selection and alpha creation. On behalf of pension funds, corporations, insurance companies and family offices, PMM manages four global real estate funds with total commitments of nearly EUR 1.5 billion.

    Since its inception in 2005, PMM has invested with more than 40 distinct local operating managers in Asia, Americas and Europe. Through its unique international network of contacts and thorough investment process, PMM identifies, analyses and selects the “winning managers” and the “winning strategies” with the aim to generate alpha returns to investors.

    While achieving enhanced returns, each PMM fund has a modest risk level as the portfolio typically consists of more than 200 individual properties located in different markets and within different property sectors and risk/return categories. The financial leverage is also relatively conservative at approximately 50% loan to value.

    PMM combines a bottom-up investment approach with a top-down research validation. In order to get access to the best investment opportunities and allow for successful execution, PMM invests with operating managers through a combination of commingled fund structures, clubs, joint ventures and co-investments.

Your personal contact

We offer tailormade and sustainable investment solutions.

Konrad FinkenzellerHead of International Capital Markets
Konrad Finkenzeller - Head of Institutional Clients International